Encrypted Audio Solutions

Dan and Shay first met at a Misfits gig back in 2015. Both the opening bands Pyromance  and Dreamkillers  were being produced by Dan at the time and Shay was doing guitar tech for Pyromance. They meet a bit later at uni, doing the same bachelor of audio.

Both Dan and Shay were working with FriendlyFire separately and realised that they had very similar aesthetics and ideas about music. Dan had started producing the FriendlyFire Album Anti Human so Shay came on board after the drums were done and he was involved in every tracking session till the end, which involved an overnight session at Tall Poppy studios, to finish the final and title track; Anti Human.


Shay also became involved with the sessions for The Dreamkillers Single Bad Juju which involved sessions at both Underground Audio and Tall Poppy Studios. Shay stepped up in terms of live room engineering, allowing Dan to focus on getting the sounds he wanted and producing the band.

Dan and Shay worked on a few projects like this such as Trash Queen and Chasing Down the Dawn. When Dan finished his bachelor of audio, he went further into the  study of psychology, Shay was still finishing his bachelor producing many of his own projects such as Whiskey & Speed and Dazey.

Because they made such a good team they decided to form Encrypted Audio Solutions offering their combined experience and finesse.