New Dreamkillers is on the way and it's going to be some of our best work yet. You can expect more of the distinct Hathaway Dreamkillers production but with even bigger drums and a modern edge.

FriendlyFire - Death Anniversary

 Due to Covid-19 "Death Anniversary" is on hold.

However, In the meantime we will be working on some isolation Remixes of tracks from Anti-Human.


Nitemare - Get Your Kix

Remember the Infamous Glam Metal band Nitemare, who rose hell in Ipswich back in the early 2000's? Well their EP "Get Your Kix" will be available and uploaded to streaming platforms soon.


Dreamkillers - Bad JuJu

"WAKE YOURSELF UP wherever you are by turning up “Bad Juju” loud’n’proud – check it out for yourself and have a listen to & look at what Dreamkillers bring to music through their own twisted perspective & sound on their latest single."

Jer@SBS SleepingBag Studios 2019

Dreamkillers - Now Look What Happened

This release is an absolute beast, with lyrics painting a (not so distant) dystopian future and a relentless performance that is sure to shake your core and open your eyes. 

Now Look What Happened!

FriendlyFire - Anti Human

"Anti Human is a concept album that explores themes of alienation, loneliness, drugs and alcohol abuse, nihilism and existentialism, heartbreak and the slow decay of society."

Mimm 2017

Dazey - Little Red Bug

A beautiful pop ditty with Beatles esque harmonies and melodies, definite throwback 60's vibes.


Dazey - Below

A truely original, dark little number from one of the brightest young bands out there.

ws bett.jpg

Whiskey & Speed - Better Than Expected

Never-mind the Sex Pistols...

Heres Whiskey & Speed.

Celebrating 10 years of Anarchy & Chaos with this Completely Professional EP. Check it out, it's Better than Expected.

Trash Queen - Circle around the Sun

These guys know how to party and know how to rock it out on stage. They are three super talented musicians with a passion for what they do.

Shannon-Lee Sloane 2018

Josepe - Setting The Mood

A massive single from up and coming, Australian MC, Josepe, featuring Shay Jagger on guitar with a production big enogh to impress Kerser who took Josepe on an east coast tour.

The song smashed the triple J unearthed charts and is helping to launch this talented young rappers career.

Big Mono - Forked Tongue

"It's been a good decade since traditional dark synthpop has been heard in Australia. The doom-laden single has all the key genre elements: needling intro guitar line; sonorous synth; New Order-esque bass; frontman Shay Jagger Mitchell's distinctive, anguished vocals."
Denis Semchenko, ex-Geared Editor, Rave magazine 2017