What is media? And how do we use it?

Media is any form of information that can be recorded to share that information with others. This goes back to cave paintings, our earliest writing's, fables and songs passed

down. The Sacred Scripts that make up the bible and other religious texts still have a huge impact on the world culturally, religiously and politically. Showing that media has a massive effect on the world. How we use media has changed a lot since then but the implications of recording an idea to share with others is more accessible than ever.

I'm a collector this started as a kid, growing up in the pre internet days. If you didn't have a physical copy, then you didn't have access to it at all. Back then it was all Records, Tapes, Videos, and the good old grey NES Cartridges. A lot has changed since then but the way most people partake of media hasn't changed all that much. Whether people download the said media or buy a physical copy, for the most part they are still partaking of the art, they are still just as capable of taking what they want from it. The convenience has trivialised media for some and enriched it for others.

For example when MP3s came out a large amount of people started making play lists and just listening to their favourite songs, but myself and many other music nerds alike used it as an opportunity to listen to a vast array of music that I might not have if I had to track down and buy a physical copy. On the flip side if I really like something I hear or see, I do still have a desire to add it to my collection. A lot of my peers don't see the need and are happy to minimalise their possessions and either store their media on a device, on a cloud or just use one of the many inexpensive streaming sites.

I'm studying Audio and I probably use MP3's more than anything else for the connivance and accessibility. I usually check out new music that way and Generally speaking I'm more likely to buy the album on CD if I like it, I do still actually use my CD's a lot because they do sound better than MP3's. I still have shelves full of records but they don't get dusted off as often.

I'm Probably in the minority but I'd say CD's are my preferred format.

People often say “if you have a good clean record and a good system Vinyl sounds better.

This is true. But there's a lot of ifs and if I've been disappoint to many times by a skip or a crackle at my favourite part. I think CD's are cheaper to buy, cheaper to ship and just more reliable. There's less factors and for this reason it's my preferred medium.

As people we have the desire to communicate our ideas to one another

this started with speech and we created other forms of media to leave a record of those ideas

this is used throughout the world to communicate everything from “what’s for dinner” to “vast political conspiracies”

As an artist I like to wear my heart on my sleeve and I try to be as honest as possible I like to talk about what I'm going through but simplify it so anyone can understand.

I am not afraid to come out and make a bold cultural or political statement.

I'm very influenced by Bob Dylan, Neil Young and John Lennon in this regard.

For me its all about having guts and integrity.

As a producer I understand the implications and the power that the medium holds

The message an artist wants to convey ultimately is theirs. I'm just there to help them get that message across in a way that is accessible to their audience.

I will take a moral stand on bigotry and will never work with people conveying a hate inciting message.

#media #history #peace #love #respect

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