D Rouser - Just in Case You Weren't Listening. Album Review

Heralding from the slums of Logan, they started out as D- Rouser and the Dastardly Duo playing a unique brand of punk on just acoustic guitars. They released an EP “Diary of a Dead Man” under that name. After expanding the line up to include drums and bass These young punks set Brisbane on fire for a few short years. Playing shows and appearing on 4ZZZ on a frequent basis it was hard to ignore the commotion that surrounded this band and amongst all the chaos they released this fantastic Debut album full of promise and glory.

The album opens with the energetic “please don't read” which blasts into your speakers like a hell bent demon with his foot to the floor screeching down the highway while the angel on his shoulder tries desperately to slow him down. Still full of melody and sing along back up vocals and by the end of the first song you're hooked. Duffy Rouser's vocals are cheeky yet poignant and full of character, the contrast of Paulie's staunch rhythm playing and Matt's melodic lead is just infectious. While the upbeat rhythm section of Jodie's in the pocket, bluesy bass lines and Cameron's punky drumming ensures that the energy stays up and you don't stop bopping your head.

The song writing is on point, well structured and full of emotion. Duffy has a really unique vocal style. The songs deal with themes of nihilism, dystopia, alcohol, drugs and bondage sex. Yet it does so in such a way that these songs will have you laughing, smiling and wanting to grab someone by the elbow and dance around the bar. The songs are like a celebration of poverty like the folk songs of old.

Some of the highlights for me are: “let's drink,” a sing along song about getting drunk and dreaming of a better world. “Logan Town,” a traditional sounding folk song about loving the shit hole you live in because it's your town. “Lexi Belle,” a love letter to a porn star. “Dirty Dishes,” a song about how when you're doing the dishes you have time to think about how dull life can be.

Unfortunately things got out of control and due to personal conflicts within the band, right when things where really starting to fall into place for them, they split up.

Jody and Pauly continued with their other band, The Flangipanis, who have paid their dues and become one of the most popular punk bands in Brisbane with 3 great sounding CD's out and a great live show full of fun, catchy punk songs.

But for a brief moment in Brisbane's history D- Rouser were a band to be reckoned with and there will never be another band quite like them. Always remembered and sadly missed.

If you're a fan of The Pogues, The Violent Femmes, Against Me or Rise Against.

If you've ever been thrown out of a bar for wearing too much black or hung out in a car park drinking goon.

You need this album in your life.

The album was recorded at the Queensland conservatory at Grifffith University and was Mastered by Dave Neil in 2012.

"I'm an anarchist, no capitalist or communist

what I'd rather do is dream of a better world"

Duffy Rouser

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