FriendlyFire - Noise In Our Heads E.P. Review

This is intense and extremely bold for a first release from an underground band.

If you've heard or seen anything about FriendlyFire you might have some kind of idea what you think their first E.P. is gonna sound like.

You have no idea what you're in for.

FriendlyFire have been through many line up changes

Eventually settling on...

Alex Jackson – Vocals, Dustin Schmidt – Guitars,

Aurora Storm Baxter – Bass, Tre Drakeson – Drums.

On stage they are a band who cannot really be classified blending Goth, Shock Rock, Glam, Nu Metal, Punk, Hip Hop, Emo and Girly Pop. Yeah I know it sounds like it wouldn't work but somehow it does. Alex writes some really dark and bleak lyrics but it is done with a sense of humour and yes the rumours are true they do cover Lana Del Rey and Placebo.

But if you were expecting dark heavy Goth songs and ironic covers of Girly Pop songs you were sadly mistaken. What we have here is a complete deconstruction of sound.

Extremely experimental collages of sound driven by synth, voice cut ups and other stabs of various instrumentation. It starts off like an ecstasy electro vibe and quickly descends into hell it jerks spasmodically into different realms and literally assaults your senses.

This is not for the faint of heart.

FriendlyFire Edgier Than Teen Suicide

This is weird and dark music but there's still a lot of humour in it.

The songs are short there's literally 16 songs in 20 minutes.

FriendlyFire are shit-posting through sound, confronting the silence in edgy new ways.

Aphex Twin, Mr Bungle, Marilyn Manson and Throbbing Gristle

Come to mind when I listen to this.

This is art for arts sake.

Sound for sound sake.

Music made by people with noise in their heads

For people with noise in their heads

Personally I love this

And I am eagerly awaiting their "real" album along with some acoustic demos they will be dropping soon. Yeah you never know what these crazy kids are gonna do next.

Make art, take drugs, kill god

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