Whiskey & Speed - The New Dumb Idea Review

Let me start by saying I missed a lot of the initial hype surrounding Brisbane band Whiskey & Speed when they first hit the live scene back around 2011. I'd just moved into the suburbs and was organising to get married and had stopped going out. I also managed to miss them so many times even when I was at shows because one of my best friends who I would frequent gigs with, couldn't stand them so I would end up missing their set, to get a lift home. Regardless of that, I remember being really interested in what they were doing, hearing about them on 4ZZZ, listening to Spunge when it came out. And watching the videos they put out “Wet n Waiting'', ''Picking up the slack'' and ''Be Better.'' I thought to myself “man thank god there's a band like this out there.”

When “The New Dumb Idea” came out I grabbed a copy and I was absolutely blown away. This was literally the best sounding Brisbane release I'd heard in a very long time. It was refreshing and lit a bomb under me like Nirvana did in the 90's. The sound is really big and heavy. Huge drum sound, full bodied bass and a great guitar tone that'll rip your face off. The Performances are full of life and the songs are quite versatile, you never know what they're going to do next. "Brain Dead", "Back of my Mind," and "Sanity" are the real stand out tracks for me along with the intense covers of “The Melvins - Night Goat” and “Primus – Too Many Puppies” (I actually like this version more than the original)

After seeing them live I can honestly say the rumours are true Whiskey & Speed are definitely a band you have to see live before you die. With an energy all of their own and a confrontational chaos rarely seen.

Dayne Kernovske delivers songs dealing with insanity, drugs and cartoons with conviction and humour. He has a unique sounding voice and it's all raw emotion over perfection.

Ben Crossley has a great Guitar sound. He uses what he has really well always playing to the song, often throwing in some funky little rhythm parts. I think he's more at home as a rhythm player but that being said the lead breaks are still really great, noisy to the point and really in line with the grungy aesthetics of the songs.

Loki Discordia really is the Mad Scientist of the band. Playing bass with ease and authority creating different grooves and sounds.

Mick Herring keeps the band steady and on the edge, often keeping things sturdy but going buck wild when it's called for.

Whiskey & Speed have opened for Guttermouth, The Adolescents, Rehab for Quitters and Leftover Crack. They have played many non-profit gigs for charity and for political causes, they maintain a staunch anti-bigotry policy and are always vocal on social justice issues such as Homophobia, Racism and Sexism. Certainly a band worth getting behind.

The New Dumb Idea was produced by Matt Taylor and Mixed and Mastered by Matt Cutlashas. The album has been quoted as a huge influence by members of many younger local bands such as Pyromance, FriendlyFire, Concrete Lips and The Surge proving that from humble beginnings you can affect change. It's really hard to pin down what Whiskey & Speed do but I would say if you're into punk or metal and you don't take it all too seriously you will find something to love about Whiskey & Speed.

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