Inward Future Predictions

As a student of Audio Production, I aim to constantly enhance my ears and the skills necessary to turn sound into art. To combine technical aspects with interpersonal skills and a solid aesthetic.

What do I expect to get from doing a Bachelor of Audio? I expect this course to help me find my niche and to encourage me to dig deeper into my own subconscious, pull everything out of my inner void and purge it into the universe. I'm very passionate about music and art and I want to step into a world where I can explore that passion and help others do the same.

In 2 Years I aim to have successfully finished this course, to have built a name for myself within the local scene and to have done some internship work either in a studio or in a live setting. I'm open to opportunities and will honestly be happy to be involved in any part of this industry. In 2 years my daughter will be in school and my wife who is also studying will be finished a bachelor in science. Together I aim for us to have a successful balance between work and family life and an ethos that values freedom over money.

In 5 Years I aim to either have a regular job in a professional studio or to build one in order to offer affordable package deals to bands and artists. I hope to have freelance projects going on the side and to ensure there is some form of sustainable income.

In 10 Years I aim to be established and to be doing everything I said I would be doing in 5 years, only with more confidence and more panache. I would like to think by then I have a reputation and have artists specifically contacting me because they want my particular style.

We never know where life will take us and our best-laid plans may not always turn out quite how we had dreamed. But life is always evolving and if art reflects life then as artists we must evolve too.

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