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If the myths are to be believed then there is no money to be made in the creative industries!

If you've ever thought of studying your real passion be it art, film, music or game design I'm sure you've heard all the same old questions.

“What sort of job are you going to get doing that?” “How are you going to pay your bills?” Why don't you do something sensible and reliable like...?”

Well let me tell you this, I did that reliable job for over 15 years until my soul was dehydrated, until my will to live had run dry and until I felt like a slave, a cog in a system I had no way to escape. So why is it that most of us willingly settle for mediocrity? Why do we settle for doing a job we hate for a minimum wage for most of our lives until we die, drained, jaded and bitter? We do it because of the fear! And I'm here to tell you this... I am not afraid anymore!

Dealing With A Dead End Job

People that know me have always valued the knowledge I have for music, it's been a lifelong passion for me and I have devoted most of my time and money to music in one way or another. I do believe that each of us has a reason to live, a way that we can take what we are passionate about and play our role on earth, contributing in our own special and unique way and I have come to believe that music is the reason I am here.

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However, things will not just fall into my lap and after much research, I have found that making it in the audio industry will require a multi-faceted approach. It is not enough to be great at what you do if no one knows what you do. Networking in real life and on social media is a huge part of getting your name out there. I aim to create an image that is relevant to what I do and will create the necessary associations, to make me an attractive choice for aspiring musicians and artists with similar aesthetics to mine.

That is only the first part because understanding the technical aspect of the business is going to be imperative to ensuring I actually get paid. I am not driven by money or greed, but I do need to live and making a living in the creative industries requires some understanding of how the business works.

15 Things You Must Do To Make It In The Music Industry

There is money to be made in the music industry and you don't have to be the next Eddie Van Halen to make it. People will pay money for a service they want and they will pay good money for a service that is desirable. There are so many different things I can learn to master that are valuable to others. Over the next few years, I aspire to fully commit to every part of this industry, to find out exactly what I have to offer and to find my place in the industry.

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