So... When Do I Start?

Go to school, get good grades and you'll get a good job!

This is what we are all told from a young age. There is a very important key factor that's usually left out. How to actually get a job. It takes more than good grades, knowledge or skill. You need to have something that makes you stand out in the crowd. If ten people apply for the same job a potential employer needs a reason to pick you.

I've always firmly believed in just being yourself. If you have confidence and act with conviction, you will click with certain people and situations and not with others but that's ok because at least you will make the right connections. Not everyone is naturally confident or charismatic but even dogs in the wild have a picking order and unfortunately, there's a lot of competition out there.

Stand Up! Stand Out!

It's a fine line between standing out for the right reasons and for the wrong reasons. I've walked this razor's edge my whole life, but I'm definitely getting better at balancing. I've learnt that being a little bit different is a good thing, thinking for yourself can be really possitve, questioning things and standing up for what's right are the biggest reasons I got into trouble at school. But as an adult, these are the attributes that people admire about me.

It's all about stability, though, People are more accepting of your

quirks if you can prove, to be honest, humble, punctual and efficient. We are all human and personally, I'd rather work with someone who doesn't just say what they think I want to hear. So I approach job interviews the way I approach life. With complete respect and love for others, a goal to listen as well as I talk and the wit to think outside the box when I'm put on the spot.

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