FriendlyFire - Killing My Sanity (Single) Review

FriendlyFires debut single Dead Ecstasy went straight to the top of the Triple J Unearthed Metal Charts and there's a reason why. For a young band, FriendlyFire have their own unique sound. Combining a heavy bottom end with androgynous goth vocals and a relentless rhythm that won't let up.

Their new single Killing My Sanity is out now and it has a massive sound.

The intro comes on like a bulldozer rolling straight over your senses. The tension releases into a riff that churns forwards into a hypnotic rhythm. Once you're bopping your head and the vocals start to set the tone, The hooks get under your skin... Yes, they have hooks. While FriendlyFire do not wilfully disdain heavy metal,

They do carefully steer clear of its cliche's

Even though Dustin is quite a good lead guitarist he doesn't show off, Just adding a single long note of feedback that really makes the song roar. Alex's lyrics are poetic and playfully nihilistic. His voice has presence and style. Auroras bass playing is tight and steady like a freight train and Tre brings an element of groove to their otherwise staunch sound.

The Production has Daniel Hathaway's DNA right through it, With those vibrant drums and wall of sound guitars. His work with Dreamkillers has established him as a force to be reckoned with. And Jazz Wright has really solidified FriendlyFire's sound with the mastering of this release.

The B-Side is a dirty acoustic version of the song recorded and produced by me in the first stage of my Bachelor and serves as a raw, stripped back version of the song.

So if you're into heavy music that is challenging the preconceptions of what rock n' roll is all about, If you get off on the irresponsible hate anthems of Marilyn Manson and Eminem, or if you're just a nihilist with a sense of humour... Sink your teeth into FriendlyFire

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