Back To The Future - Sound Replacement - Project Plan

Project Brief:

As a group replace all sounds from the intro scene from Back to the Future (1985). Using a combination of ADR, Foley and synthesis to create an audio narrative that stays true to original clip. This project will be completed in 6 weeks with the final work to be posted online 28 October 2017.


As a group replace all sounds from the intro scene from Universal Picture’s Back to the Future opening scene (1985). Using a Pro Tools bounce out, our completed audio at 24bit 48kHz encoding and HD video to one MP4 file located in deliverables folder:

Production Team:

Doctor Duck - DAW, Foley, Sound Design, Project Management

Adam Higginson - DAW, Foley, Voice Acting

Shay Jagger - DAW, Foley, Guitar, Skateboard Sounds

Here is the exact section that we intend to replace the sound.

Due Dates:


Technical Framework:

As a team we’ve chosen to use a combination of Google Drive along with Google Docs to keep all of our information and group work in one place, as well as having access to it from anywhere at anytime. As well as having a copy on the drive, we will both have a copy on our own personal devices as well as an external hard drive just in case, if it doesn’t exist in 3 places it doesn’t exist at all!

Due to the ongoing process of this project I have made the documents available and shared them below.

Assets List


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