Anta Ad, Sound Replacement

I decided to do a quick sound replacement project as a warm-up for working on sound in the upcoming film The Point & Click of no Return. It’s a cool Japanese add for Anta sneakers. I wanted to keep this nice and simple and treat it like it was a job I’d been given and I just had to smash it out in a weekend. So I did it over 2 sessions. My first session was actually my first main session in the S6 we had it booked for 8 hours and Doctor Duck showed me the ropes of this studio and explained everything to me one thing at a time, I understood the bulk of it and enough of the primary things I needed to remember in order to operate the console and the array of speakers. After that, he left and I got started on the sound for the commercial.

This time around I didn’t really develop a plan I just dived straight in. I started by hooking up a synth and layering some ambience. I used 2 different synth drones and blended them. I had all the sounds I needed on my hard drive so I went through what I had copied all the sounds I might be able to use into my ProTools session and went to work. I added wind and then I started working on reverb to give this whole area a sense of space. Once that was done I started adding all the tennis ball hits which I layered, stretched, pitched and just made sure they all sounded a bit different and interesting. I probably should have worked on the footsteps next but instead, I went looking for some music to use I might have gotten a bit cheeky on this and picked a very cheesy 80’s rock piece. I lined it up with the first ball hit and added an explosion sound in line with the ball hit and the kick drum of the music. I had to edit a short section out of the music to make it fit. Then I got back on the synth and added some glittering sounds to the caleidoscope section of the add and tried to make it sounds magical with delay and reverb, during this section I filtered the highs and lows out of the music and reverted it to mono, so that it would feel like a breakdown during the kaleidoscope section and open back up when it returns to the normal tennis match, I think this worked really well. I got started on some footsteps but they didn’t sound quite right and I still needed some sounds for balls hitting the ground and a ball hitting a puddle on the glass.

The next night I was in the small Audient Room but managed to get heaps more work done in a familiar environment, not distracted by all this epic new equipment. Anyway, I got stuck right in on the footsteps using a combination of screeching sneaker sounds from a tennis match and just plain footsteps that sounded a bit clicky so I filtered the highs and boosted the lows until they sounded more appropriate to fit the visuals. I spent quite a lot of time just checking the timing of every little thing over and over again. I then worked on panning and levelling everything and also made some changes to my reverb to just make it feel more like an open space. I used a preset called big open space and just tweaked the dials a little bit. I bought the pre-delay up so the initial impact of the ball hits didn’t get buried in the verb and I dialled the decay back because the reverb tail was too long for my tastes.

Presenting this piece to the class was well received with positive feedback about the overall balance of music and foley. This entire project has made me confident that if given a job like this in the real world I could smash it out in a time efficient manner.

Anta Ad Sound Replacment, Shay Jagger (2018).

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