Dazey - First Gig Review

So I just saw Dazey’s debut performance at The New Globe and I have to say these guys are something else. They have a unique sound simply bubbling with personality, mixing elements of 60’s surf and garage rock, with punk in a way reminiscent of The Pixies, The lead vocals are shared between 3 of the band members much like The Beatles or Kiss, which allowed them to cover a wide range and showcase the different personalities and styles of each band member.

Seven Aalexander (formerly Concrete Lips) brought the rock with a thick, heavy guitar tone while Alex Askew opted for a very thin, jangly guitar sound which helped keep the guitars separate and nicely textured. Aurora Storm Baxter (formerly FriendlyFire) was playing with much more groove than in her previous band and I feel as though she is more at home in this band. It is definitely a welcome touch having a female personality and voice in a band like this. Backing this all up is Tre Drakeson (formerly Concrete Lips, currently in Whiskey & Speed, FriendlyFire & Northern Lights). Tre makes every band he’s in sound better and this band is no exception he kept a tight sturdy backbeat that ensured punters were bopping their heads and tapping their toes.

Their original songs were filled with infectious melody. Both guitarists were able to play leads and sing, then with Aurora’s voice added into the mix the harmonies were simply sublime. They added in an energetic cover of The Saints - I’m Stranded near the start of the set and ended on a fantastic cover of Twist & Shout by The Beatles which got everyone off their seats dancing.

All in all a fantastic new up and coming band who I can’t recommend enough, so if you get the chance get out to see Dazey at one of their next shows.

Check out their facebook page below for more info...

Dazey Facebook Page

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